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Obedience Dog Club of Brisbane Inc.

 Established in 1961, we are a not for profit community group responsible for training handlers and their dogs.

We run courses aimed at developing positive relationships with dogs and creating a well behaved family pet.

Memberships are now overdue for renewal.

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Puppy Preschool - Monday 5th September 6.30-7.30pm - 8 spots 

Family Dog Training 1 - Monday 22nd August 7- 8pm -  Full

Family Dog Training 1 - Thursday 25th August 7-8pm - Full

Family Dog Training 2 - Thursday 25th August 7-8pm - 2 spots

Family Dog Training 1 - Sunday 28th August 8-9am - Full

Agility Foundations - Monday 5th September 7-8pm - 4 spots




Kamal Fernandez Obedience Seminar

Last weekend a group of trainers and students attended Kamal Fernandez seminar down at Camp Tailwaggers.  I think we all gained alot of information about relationship building with our dogs.  Emma & Jenny Gill, Kamal, Ruth Raymond, Cherie Bekker and Leonie Crowe - front row Stig and Jessie Gill and Chedy Crowe.

Kamal & ODCB team


Behaviour Adjustment Training for Aggression, Frustration and Fear seminar.  Instructors Leonie Crowe, Ruth Raymond and Caroline King spent the weekend of the 8/9th November with presenter Joey Iversen at the Empowered Desensitisation course.  Learnt lots that we can pass onto members.  Come talk to us about issues you may be having. 



Posing with Dr Ian Dunbar after attending the three day seminar "Science Based Dog Training with Feeling" - lots of information to process and lots of new ideas to incorporate. 



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Leonie Crowe
15 Englefield Road, Oxley 4075, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0411-017-454
Email : info@odcb.org

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